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Common Health Questions In Respect To Dogs And Cats} Feb 16

Submitted by: Roger Welton

When you are a pet owner and have a dog or a cat, there is a lot to learn. Most responsible pet owners want to know everything possible about taking care of their animals, and about keeping their animals healthy. This involves doing some research and taking the time to ask and learn the answers to some common health questions in respect to dogs and cats. The more information you read and learn about pet health questions, the better equipped you will be to understand what your pet needs from you to stay happy and healthy.

Common Dog and Cat Health Questions

There are many different questions related to the health of dogs and cats. Here are a few common questions and answers that people may have:

1) What does it mean when my dog or cat eats grass?

If your pet is eating a lot of grass, this can indicate that your animal has an upset stomach. If this occurs only occasionally, then your animal may simply have eaten something that did not agree with him. If your pet is routinely consuming grass, however- and especially if he/she consumes the grass and then vomits- then there may be a problem with digestion of the food you are feeding or another health issue that should be checked out.

YouTube Preview Image

2) What should I feed my dog or cat?

It is important to make sure that your dog or cat has a healthy and balanced meal and that he/she does not become overweight. Feeding good quality, premium dog or cat food can help ensure that your dog or cat gets all the nutrients he/she needs. While it is possible to make your own food in certain instances, it is important to follow an established recipe and dining plan if you choose this option to ensure that your pet stays healthy. You should also monitor the weight of your dog or cat and ensure that your animal does not become obese.

3) Is exercise important?

Dogs and cats need to exercise, just as humans do. Dogs typically enjoy running, chasing, walks and playing fetch for their exercise while cats might chase a string or a laser pointer around the home in order to have a chance to run around and play.

4) What if my dog is itching all the time?

If your dog is itching or licking himself/herself, this can be the sign for a number of issues. Your dog may be experiencing an allergic reaction to food or to products used on him/her such as dog shampoo or flea and tick medication. An allergic reaction to something in the environment is also possible, as is an overgrowth of yeast. Your dog may also have some type of mange that needs to be addressed by a veterinary professional.

5) What if my cat is throwing up hair all the time?

Your cat may have hairballs as a result of the natural grooming process. Brushing your cat more to minimize the hair he/she eats can be helpful. There are also special cat foods designed to minimize or help cats with hairball problems.

Getting Help

These are just a few of the questions you may have about dog and cat health. If you have specific questions, you should consider contacting your veterinarian or using an online service where licensed veterinarians answer questions posed by pet owners.

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Puppies used to smuggle heroin
Feb 16

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Ten puppies with bags of liquid heroin surgically implanted into their bellies were having seizures in a drug bust in Medellin, Colombia, said authorities.

“They utilized a wide range of smuggling, the most repulsive of which was the use of puppies,” said John P. Gilbride, head of the DEA’s New York office.

“There have been cases of animal cruelty that have led to the discovery of drug labs, but not to the extent of an animal being used to carry drugs, especially a puppy,” said ASPCA spokeswoman Jo Sullivan.

Investigators believe that the dogs were used to smuggle heroin into New York on commercial flights. The drugs were then to be distributed and sold along the East Coast.

“Ten puppies, including Labrador retrievers, were rescued during a 2005 raid on a farm in Colombia,” said the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on Wednesday. The Agency also announced that they had made more than 30 arrests.

Authorities believe that a veterinarian, Andres Lopez Elorez (who is also believed to be a fugitive in Spain), opened the bellies of at least six of the ten puppies, inserted 500 mL bags of liquid heroin, and then stitched them back up. Three puppies had died due to infections after the drugs were removed. A total of 3 kg of heroin were recovered from six puppies. The bags were found using ultrasound.

“The surviving dogs are still alive and well, we’re told,” said Gilbride. “I think it’s outrageous and heinous that they’d use small, innocent puppies in this way. This investigation identified the individuals who were responsible for overseeing and smuggling millions of dollars worth of heroin from Colombia to the East Coast.”

The investigation revealed that the smugglers, whose ring was based in Medellin, not only used people and puppies to conceal their drugs, but also body creams, aerosol cans, and the linings of purses and luggage.

A tipster is said to have led authorities to the puppies.

It is not known how many puppies were actually used in the smuggling operation.

Three dogs were adopted by Colombian police. At least one of those puppies will be trained to sniff for drugs.

About 24 kilograms of heroin was seized in recent raids in Colombia which have resulted in more than 20 arrests and another ten in custody in New York. A total of at least 24 kilograms have been seized in these raids.

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Eight year old Victoria Stafford of Ontario missing since Wednesday
Feb 16

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Victoria Stafford, eight years old, was sighted leaving her Woodstock, Ontario school on Wednesday afternoon with an unknown woman caught on video camera. She has not been seen since.

Victoria (Tori) attended grade 3 at Oliver Stephens Public School, and the video is from the College Avenue secondary school as Victoria and the unidentified woman walked along Fyfe Avenue.

“I’ve had a lot of problems come up in my life and stuff like that, and I haven’t always been there for my kids, but this is my baby girl and it’s absolutely hurting now,” her father Robert Stafford said, “It’s killing me, [I want to] let her know that I love her and I’ll see her soon. One way or another I’ll see her soon.”

Police teams from Oxford, Waterloo and London have assembled together with rescue dogs and trained search and rescue personnel to find the child.

Police have called the search a criminal investigation, but have not yet issued an Amber alert as there has been no report of an abduction.

150 volunteers joined search efforts and to pass out flyers on the 10th. Police say they have no need of more volunteers at this time, however they would appreciate any tips or calls from anyone who may have seen either Victoria or the woman.

The unidentified woman seen in the video is described as between 19 and 25 years old with straight long black hair. She weighs about 120 to 125 pounds and was wearing a white coat and black jeans in the video. Victoria was wearing a green shirt with a black pleated skirt. She was wearing black and white shoes and carried a purple and pink Bratz purse. She had on a black Hannah Montana jacket which had a white fur lined hood.

“I think what’s happening with members of the public is an expression of their emotions, their concern for this child. And I think that’s good in terms of the willingness of this community to step up,” said Michael Harding, Mayor of Woodstock.

Volunteers are making and handing out purple ribbons, Tori’s favourite colour. A candlelight vigil will be held in the evening on Easter Sunday.

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Fire strikes Slovak Academy of Sciences
Feb 16

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Virology Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) in Bratislava was severely damaged by fire. The flames reportedly reached as high as one hundred meters. The fire most likely started from the gas tank used for oxy-fuel welding during the building’s restoration process, SAS speaker Viera Rosová said.

Firefighters from all Bratislava fire-stations took part in the fire-fighting operation. The situation was complicated by dense smoke, necessitating the use of gas masks.

Thanks to a quick evacuation of SAS employees and construction workers, none were injured. However, some equipment of the top-level scientific facility was damaged and various research projects will be affected as well, Rosová admitted. The “software unit containing information of incalculable value” was rescued in time, reports say.

There is no danger of toxic spills or leak of viruses. The micro-biotic organisms studied in the institute are safely stored and infected animals were not held in this building. The institute owns about two thousand animals. The virology samples will be destroyed as the coolers went out of service after the power supply was cut for security reasons during fire-fighting. The SAS vice-chairman Albert Beier estimated the value of the cooler boxes to be close to two million Euros. “They often contain a life-long work of our researchers,” he added.

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Forum Marketing Driving Traffic That Matters} Feb 14

Submitted by: Rey Albert

There must be a reason why there are thousands of forum marketing websites on the internet. Is it because they know something you don’t about your particular niche or market? Is it because forums are a great meeting place for like-minded people who share information and experiences? If you are an online business no matter what the niche, forums should not be dismissed as a useful tool in your marketing strategy. By joining a few targeted forums in your niche and participating in the conversations could have a wealth of knowledge second to none.

What Is Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website. These forums number in the hundreds of thousands spread across the internet. No matter what niche you are in there is a forum of like- minded people. Forum marketing should be one of your marketing strategies in gaining website traffic.

It is no secret that using forum platforms will get you a more targeted and responsive audience. But like any social platform you must approach forums with grace. Jumping in to a forum and just blasting it with your thoughts and links will get you banded faster than you can blink.

Your approach should be slow and deliberate first signing up to the forum. Completing your profile, creating a bio-box, and getting to know the forum and learning the rules are important to joining the group. You will want to be a member of at least 5 10 forums which will give you a wealth of knowledge to tap into.

This will also give you the best opportunity to get more sales as you grow with the forum. So how exactly do you navigate the forums so you dont look like a bully just trying to get your links out there?

Forum Marketing Finding One In Your Niche

First finding the right forum for your niche and working with them is essential. Using the right forum you will be able to market your product or service effectively. Because these forums have people with different skill levels you will be able to build your expertise establish your brand and increase your sales. So to find the right forum for your niche all you need to do is do a good old Google search. All you need to do is type in your niche and forum in quotations. I am a internet marketer so I would search like this “internet marketing forums”. Your result would look like this:

forum marketing

Notice the first three results are ads. This is good because you know your niche has competition which means an active niche. Then followed is a blog post by smart passive income which is an old blog post by Pat Flynn. His blog has been around sense 2007 and he is a great and honest marketer just like me! OK, all jokes aside, below Pats post is the warrior forum. This is the #1 forum for internet marketers which I am a member. Once you find your forum then it is time to join.

Completing Your Profile

Like I said before you must complete your profile with as much information as possible. Then adding a picture will do wonders for your profile. People love to put a face to the conversation. Then you will want to complete a bio box. This is where you give yourself some accolades and drop your link. A bio box is simple to do, here is an example below.

forum marketing

That is all bio boxes is and see how it flows? You are not shoving your link down their throat instead you are inviting them to get a copy of your eBook. Isnt that a more pleasant way of marketing?

I dont know about you but I cant stand when a marketer just nothing but sell without giving any value. So after you have finished completing your profile you are going to want to start taking part in the forum. Being an active member and contributing to the conversation. This is how to proceed.

Introduce Yourself To The Group

The first thing is introducing yourself to the group. This should be your first post. After introducing yourself just hang out, start reading the threads and get to know the flow and inside rules that are not advertised in the rules.

Then start commentating on threads and start bringing value to the forum with your knowledge. The last step is to finally write your own posts. Remember dont just sell, but rather give value. Your selling is done with your bio box. Your whole goal in the articles you post is to lead them to the bio box.

About the Author: Rey Albertis the author of “Using Forum Marketing Effectively In Your Business” , a free strategy report for internet marketersof all skill levels. Receiveyour own complimentary copy at

Note:upon visiting my site and registering for the free report, youre automatically going to receive my free newsletter as well 🙂


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Thieves steal £40 million from London jeweller
Feb 14

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In what police believe is the second-largest heist in Britain, armed robbers stole almost £40 million from a London jewellery shop on August 6.

These men are extremely dangerous and fired at least two shots in busy London streets as they made their getaway.

Two men armed with handguns held up employees of the Graff jewellers shop on New Bond Street, taking 43 items, among them expensive watches, bracelets, and rings. The duo escaped in a blue BMW, which they soon abandoned for a Mercedes. After driving to Farm Street, it is believed they may have got away in a third vehicle.

“This was a well planned robbery with a number of vehicles used to help the robbers escape. These men are extremely dangerous and fired at least two shots in busy London streets as they made their getaway,” said Detective Chief Inspector Pam Mace.

“Someone knows who these men are, they would undoubtedly have spoken about it beforehand or boasted about it afterwards,” she added. “I would urge anyone who recognises them, knows the whereabouts of the jewellery or has any other information to contact us.”

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Holocaust survivor publicly forgives 93-year-old Auschwitz guard during his trial
Feb 14

Thursday, April 30, 2015

On Friday, Eva Mozes Kor, a 81-year-old Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, publicly forgave and embraced 93-year-old former SS guard Oskar Gröning, who is currently on trial in Germany as an accessory to 300,000 murders of Jews at Auschwitz.

Kor, who was among many Jews medically experimented on at Auschwitz, has thanked Mr Gröning for answering to the crimes he aided during his time as an Auschwitz guard.

Kor is amongst a number of Auschwitz survivors attending the trial who have joined the prosecutors as co-plaintiffs in the case against Mr Gröning. While Kor has forgiven Mr Gröning, she still holds him liable for his involvement during the Holocaust, as she did last week when she testified against him. Other survivors have recently spoken out about the trial; survivor Eva Pusztai-Fahidi said on Tuesday the trial itself against a former SS guard matters more than the end punishment.

During the first day of Mr Gröning’s trial, he denied any direct role in the killings, though he did admit to having witnessed them. Mr Gröning said he shared “moral guilt” for the crimes, regardless of whether his actions make him criminally guilty.

The prosecutors have argued that serving as a concentration camp guard is legally accessory to the act of murder. Mr Gröning is reportedly one of three remaining former SS guards that have been identified for trial. If found guilty, the former SS Guard could reportedly face up to fifteen years in prison.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY
Feb 14
See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Ohio
  • 3 Oklahoma
  • 4 Oregon
  • 5 Pennsylvania
  • 6 Rhode Island
  • 7 South Carolina
  • 8 South Dakota
  • 9 Tennessee
  • 10 Texas
  • 11 Utah
  • 12 Vermont
  • 13 Virginia
  • 14 Washington
  • 15 West Virginia
  • 16 Wisconsin
  • 17 Wyoming
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Reasons Of Growing Economy Of Washington} Feb 12

Reasons of growing Economy of Washington



The Washington is the country which is very much well developed and its economy is increasing year after year. There industries and banks are progressing every day and the number of the factories are also increasing at a great rate. This is the capital of America and the people from all over the world come here to earn. This country is known for high value of its currency and greatest job opportunities. The total gross domestic product of the country is very much high as compared to other states of the world. The mainstays of Washington’s economy are services, financial institutions, manufacturing (especially aerospace equipment, shipbuilding, food processing, and wood products), agriculture, lumbering, and tourism.

The earning in Washington is because of its banks, industries, educational institutes, hospitals, stock exchange market, livestock, agriculture, crops, Vegetables, mining products and the fishing, Industry etc. The people all around the world come here do a large number of businesses and invest their money in it. Therefore the greatest investment of foreign people in the bank makes the country self sufficient to start a large number of developmental programmes and increase its manufacturing power. The greatest manufacturing ability results in the increase in its exports as compared to its imports. Therefore the income increases the expenditure and eventually a greater rate of growth of economy. These industries provide employments to thousands of people and in this way every person contributes to the development and progress of the nation.

Their earning is through the agricultural products. The agricultural products also include the livestock products.

These livestock’s provides the raw material to the industries to work. The industries make progress at high speed and hence increase the income of the nation. In the livestock they have dairy products particularly milk in which comes the 15 percent of the total agricultural recipient and the beef cattle is the 15 percent of the total agricultural recipient. Their earning sources includes the mining through which they extract a large number of valuables and then sale them to make maximum profits. They extract out gold, silver, coal, metals, gems, oils, crude oil and petroleum. In addition to it they utilize the geothermal energy to accomplish most of their activities of their daily life.

This country is very much advanced in its technology and it produces different and new things in the world and then it is paid for its services. The community of leading service industry had major income based or you can say invested in law firms, health care, engineering companies and computer related in Washington. Washington is home to the world’s largest developer and publisher of computer software and the bilgade of the Microsoft word is also the person of America. There are large number of multinational companies in it that are manufacturing cotton cloth and different prints. Therefore if a person wants to earn much with the desire to return to the country he must come to Washington.


Washington flyer Dulles


Dulles flyer

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Bird Control For Yards And Gardens} Feb 10

Submitted by: Alex Kecskes

While it’s nice to have rows of flowers in the garden, it’s not so nice to watch flocks of birds destroy your hard work. Without effective bird control, pest birds such as sparrows, swallows, pigeons and crows can and will invade your yard or garden to feed themselves and their young. Blackbirds, starlings, and robins will waste no time yanking out tasty corn seedlings, or chewing into ripening cherries, peaches and blueberries. They also won’t hesitate to crater your lawn while they dig for bugs.

Depending on the weather and the surrounding food supply, birds will have a field day in your garden. In dry years, for example, birds will eat many different fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes and melons. In the absence of bird control, some birds can quickly wipe out an entire berry patch or grain field, aggressively attacking a particular crop they happen to fancy.

And as much as we love to hear them sing, even songbirds will attack your garden at various times of the year. These birds will go after broccoli, corn, green peas, snap peas, apples, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, currants, grapes, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries and strawberries. You’ll know you have a problem if patches of young seedlings completely disappear, or the tops of your young plants are chewed off, or if you notice bites taken out of the berries as they ripen.

Time to Defend your Garden!

You don’t have to resort to poisons, firearms or deadly traps to keep birds out of your garden. Today, you can avail yourself of many highly effective and humane bird control measures. Some of the more popular approaches are listed below:

Bird Sonic Systems

These handy devices strike fear in birds’ hearts but they won’t harm a feather on their little bodies. Unlike “loud bang” noisemakers that only scare birds temporarily and do nothing to prevent them from returning, Sonic Bird Deterrents offer an effective solution. They broadcast predator and distress calls that make pest birds feel threatened. They recreate the sounds of Peregrine falcons defending their territory (very scary if you’re a pigeon); or they imitate predator hawks screeching and gulls under attack (equally frightening if you’re a starling or seagull). These sounds persuade birds to leave post haste. The best sonic bird deterrents can be programmed to emit distress and predator calls day and night. It is suggested to continually alter the frequency, timing and intensity of their sounds, which prevents birds from becoming too accustomed to the threat.

Hawk Decoys

No bird likes to eat while a predator is watching. Fortunately, most birds have a natural fear of hawks, which hunt during the day–the time most birds like to feed. Hawk Decoys work quite well in gardens. They’re easy to mount and display, and the better designed ones look very real. Made of heavy duty plastic, quality hawk decoys are weather- and water-resistant. They can be hung from rafters or overhangs, or simply placed anywhere your garden is being threatened by pest birds. Some decoys are hollow, so you can fill them with sand for added stability.

Bird Netting

If they can’t get at your garden, they can’t eat or destroy it. Bird netting uses the exclusion principle of bird control to humanely deter birds from your garden. To stop a full variety of birds, bird netting now comes in many types and mesh sizes.

One type of bird netting that’s ideal for protecting gardens is Ultra Net. This low-profile netting is designed to keep pest birds away from fruit trees, bushes and gardens. The lightweight netting is constructed of tough, U.V.-protected polypropylene, yet it blends in aesthetically with its surroundings. Ultra Net comes in 3/4-, 1/2-, and 1/4-inch mesh sizes and is available in bulk rolls or pieces to suit a specific area requirement. The netting has been widely used to stop pigeons, swallows, crows, gulls and sparrows from invading and destroying gardens and trees.

Setting up an Ultra Net barrier is quite simple. If you want to protect your vegetable gardens, wrap individual plants in netting or suspend the netting around the entire garden area to lock out pest birds. For blueberry bushes and grape vines, suspend the netting about six inches over the bush or vine. This will prevent pest birds from perching on the net and eating fruit through the mesh. Another way to suspend Ultra Net is to attach it to a series of poles surrounding the perimeter. To protect fruit trees, cut the netting one-foot wider than the diameter of the tree’s crown and secure the netting with twine, zip ties or hog rings.


For gardens and yards, there’s one high-tech bird control device you simply can’t overlook–the Scarecrow. Basically a motion-activated sprinkler, no pest bird alive will ever stand up to its intimidating yet harmless deterrence. Any bird that dares to wander within its radius of protection (approx. 25 fee out and 35 feet wide) will trigger a motion-activated and very sobering blast of water. Perfect for gardens, backyards, pools, spas and other outdoor areas, Scarecrows get the job done. The sudden water spray, realistic moving bird head, and sprinkler sound combine to create one effective bird control deterrent. Best of all, the Scarecrow is both an energy and water miser, protecting your garden day and night for up to 6 months (or 3000+ activations) on one 9-volt battery.

About the Author: Alex Kecskes is a freelance writer focusing on effective and humane bird control measures. To learn more about keeping birds out of your yard or garden, visit Absolute Bird Control


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